The Truth About Bogus Science


With the flood of science fiction in both the theater and classroom, is it any wonder our younger generations are confused? Bogus science continues to challenge the Biblical concept of life using deception as its standard-bearer. Science is an honest medium but must remain neutral of any philosophy or ideology. “Be careful not to allow anyone to captivate you through an empty, deceitful philosophy that is according to human traditions and the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.”(Colossians 2:8)

Physics is the natural science of matter and how it relates to space and time. It is the investigation of our three-dimensional universe. In general, Physics is studied in theory, tested with experiments, observed and found either conclusive or non-conclusive. Confirmed laws of natural science are recognized by observable evidence. For example when Isaac Newton observed the apple fall down from the tree, instead of up, it validated his gravitational theory (Mass / energy gravitates toward one another). The greater the mass, the stronger the pull becomes. It is the natural law that holds the planets in orbit around the sun. The same principle is used to orbit satellites. Gravity is confirmed by empirical evidence; it's observable. You don’t have to understand the matrix to see the results. All physical laws that can be observed can be trusted but are limited to three dimensions, (width, height, and depth).

When young people are taught that theories are facts, then science has corrupted the truth and not worthy of its lofty position. If you don’t believe that theory is being taught as fact in your children’s classroom, then you need to pay more attention. Remember Neanderthal man, the link between man and ape? (Ape-man) Theory, no empirical evidence, but if you look in you child’s freshman science book you will see the little dickens right there in the evolutionary link between apes and men. It is a pathetic effort to discredit God and elevate men to god status.

What modern science is trying to discover is a passageway to God on their terms, but men will never reach God through science. Flesh and blood cannot penetrate the spiritual dimension it must be entered by faith. A study of the spiritual dimension will help you understand the world beyond three dimensions. Faith is the avenue between worlds; the Bible is the source of faith. A thorough examination of your Bible will prove the existence of two separate worlds using the same space. Read “Beam me up Commander.” To better understand the 5th dimension. It's free!