The Truth About Evolution

 Humanism. It is the worship of the material world. In general, it searches for the meaning of life absent of God. Darwin’s theory of evolution (natural selection) is the face of material humanism. A fact is something that can be observed; cows give birth to baby cows. Theories are proposed explanations of ideas unobserved. There are alien life forms outside the earth’s solar system because there are countless planets. Most public schools and universities teach (natural selection) as the core curriculum for their life science courses. Evolution is generally taken for granted yet remains easily challenged in the laboratory. Today’s life science classrooms have become a battleground for the heart and mind of the next generation. 

All popular concepts regarding life without God are strapped with the same nagging questions. Where and how did the material universe start? Models of evolution need a starting place and building blocks to evolve into living organisms. The most baffling question is how did something material start from nothing? Simply stated (natural selection) suggest that over the course of time if a three-legged animal develops the fourth leg and becomes more proficient in movement the four-legged critter will catch on, and his three-legged friend will eventually disappear (survival of the fittest). Today’s evolutionist will use terms like differential reproduction or environmental fitness to basically say the same thing. If this notion is true why are all the animals still alive that we evolved through? What purpose are they serving now in the evolutionary chain?

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth,” is the first statement of the Bible and the most important, meaning that He created all the necessary building blocks for a physical universe first. The building blocks for Adam's race were created “in the beginning” If someone gave you a large box of Legos and asked you to build a toy tower you would have the necessary building materials to do it. Without the Legos, you would not have the resources for the project. Life on earth took six literal days to build using material already in existence. According to natural selection, evolving from one species to the next requires millions of years, absent of a starting point or objective. We are not told how long ago God created the heaven and earth but we are told how long it took to Him to create life on the earth.God looked at everything he had made. And he saw that everything was very good. There was evening, and then there was morning. This was the sixth day."(Genesis 1:31) The earth, the sun, and the moon existed before the six days of life were formed.  When God began forming earthly habitation using existing material the earth was making one revolution around the sun per year and one rotation on its axis every 24-hour day.

There is design in the material universe. Design requires intelligence. As you consider this message keep in mind that the material universe is the only discernible dimension we can reference and does not include the spiritual dimension and its resources. God does not live on a physical planet as some suggest. It only stands to reason that he lives in a spiritual habitation that existed before He created the material universe. “God stretched the northern sky over empty space. He hung the earth on nothing. (Job 26:7) Evolution is certainly not the only lie that plagues mankind, but it has become hell’s choice to persuade a vulnerable generation that the need for a Creator is no longer necessary. For more about creation read “Beam me up Commander” it’s free!