The Truth About Twin Worlds

The possibility of multiple universes has created a lively discussion by some very accomplished scientist in the area of hypothetical physics. Several prestigious names, not the least of which include, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have been supporters of this theory. It was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that made the idea feasible way back in 1905. The Theory of Relativity continues to remain a theory because we can only observe in three-dimensional time and space. A fact is always observable.

If two worlds share the same space, but only one is visible how can you prove the other exists? You just can’t. It’s like trying to put together a puzzle without all the pieces. One thing does become evident after the smoke clears, the more we learn about the universe, the less we know. It’s not surprising, when you leave the creator out of the equation you’re bound to fail. When you add God to the mix you know some things the theoretical physicist will never understand because three-dimensional math doesn’t work in 5th-dimensional space.

First, there are two separate and distinct worlds sharing the same universal space. One is material in nature (three-dimensional) the other is spiritual, (multi-dimensional). An easy way to understand this is to know something about yourself. You are a three-part being, body, material, soul, and spirit, spiritual. Your spirit and soul reside in your body, but you can’t see them. Therefore, you can’t prove they exist, but the Bible says they do. The same applies to the space we live in. The Bible has much to say about multiple dimensions we can’t see with the naked eye. Heaven, the habitation of God, is a good place to start.

So you might be thinking the Bible is just not reliable because it’s not scientific. Consider this; the Bible doesn’t depend on theory to answer difficult questions. It stands on observable fact. For example, did you know the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ were predicted over 300 times in the early books of the Bible? The earliest reference was four thousand years before He was born. The birth of Jesus is documented in secular history as well as religious history. His life was witnessed by thousands of people. That’s pretty good validation for Bible accuracy.

The Bible has much to say about the invisible world of the 5th-dimension. What it looks like, what the people look like that live there, as well as strange animals and other beings we are unfamiliar. Come back to this blog weekly and learn more about this exotic part of our amazing universe. You can also read my free e-book “Beam me up Commander.”