Oppression, Obsession, Possession

Evil influence has plagued humanity since Eve chose to accept the word of Satan over God’s word in the beginning. God said, don’t, Eve said I will, and Satan gained control! This statement is not accepted among the general population of Earth and that is why Hell reigns. There is no shortage of satanic references throughout the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, Satan’s influence is a primary theme. He is personally mentioned 69 times in the new testament. All of the murder rape and carnage of recent history can be attributed to Satan and his army of malicious spirit beings. They share the same space we do. Spooky, but true! The good news is that they cannot personally harm us, they must use mortal people to do their dirty work. They can only whisper lies that are easily resisted. “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”(Ja. 4:7) In the case of Eve, God said everything in the garden is good to eat with one exception, don’t eat it or you will die. Satan whispered, there is nothing wrong with that fruit, it looks good and it tastes good, surely you won't die. The battle for good against evil starts in the spirit and manifests in reality. Dementia on the other hand is the loss of brain cells and can be diagnosed as a physical illness. Murder is a choice to do wrong and disregard what is right.

Now that we know who the real enemy is, we must be able to recognize his tactics. Fallen spirits have a progressive three-step approach to gain control of a person. They first look for a weakness. let's use a hypothetical illustration that happens all to frequently. A young man is bullied on a social network, he starts to withdraw, people avoid him, the hate he feels begins to fester. He now becomes a prime target for spiritual oppression: the whispers come feeding him thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness and finally a desire for revenge. The antidote for this condition is faith in God but the whispers convince him there is no God. He is now obsessed with revenge. The subliminal voices become his only friends, they are welcome, they possess and aid him in his quest for payback. (Texas Carnage) Much of the general population is buffeted by unseen spirit beings feeding lies and discord. Most resist the thoughts and move on with life obeying the moral and civil law. What we are witnessing today, however, is a decline in church interest and an increase in hellish activity.

Jesus had an encounter with Satan when he was at his weakest. He was hungry and exhausted. Satan promised Jesus a part of his kingdom if he would accept him as Lord.  Satan made three attempts but Jesus resisted him on each occasion by quoting the Word of God. (When Hell struck Florida) The truth will always defeat a lie, and that is how you curb the lawlessness we face today. Jesus won the conflict in the desert that day and then won the war when he was Crucified on the cross. Satan’s destiny is final, he and his followers have been sentenced to isolation for an eternity where they can no longer do harm to God’s creation. For an expanded explanation of this article read the blog links above.