The Truth About Your Life

The first thing we need to establish about your life is that it was not an accident. Your life was skillfully engineered and crafted before you were born into the material world. The craftsman knew you before your mother did. Your life was designed in the spiritual world of the 5th dimension with attributes that would sustain an eternity. You were engineered to perfection! It wasn’t until after you were conceived that the contamination began. It's not your fault nor is it your mother's fault. It is the thread of imperfection that is passed from one generation to the next.

The cause of the contamination is a rebellion against the craftsman. Modern science is doing its best to create a perfect generation, but with little success. Researchers work overtime to combat the chronic infection but it's fatal. No one can escape!  Ending the ills of the human condition, stopping sickness and disease and extending life spans are hopeless failures. Imperfection can only breed imperfection! There is no hope in the material world of imperfection, but in the parallel world of perfection where the craftsman lives and works, hope is the lifeblood of the residents.

So how does one move from the lifeless world of despair and hopelessness into the perfect world of hope eternal? It’s an easy transition. The craftsman still loves His creation in spite of the revolt. The craftsman is the God of the Bible and the creator of the material universe. God created the material world we live in from a different dimension. Two separate worlds sharing the same space divided only by a time differential.  Sound like a mouth full of double talk? It’s the absolute truth! The spiritual dimension and the physical dimension are two parts of the same universe we call home. You were made to live in both. The breach is amendable!

Reconciliation with the craftsman solves the problem. You are now a member of the ever-expanding 5th dimension. Read “Beam me up Commander” for a full explanation of the dual world universe. The free e-book can be found in the library of this blog site.