The Truth About Star Wars


The last Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, reached 1 billion dollars in ticket sales faster than any movie in history. What is it about the Star Wars franchise that makes it so popular? I think I know! Could it be we want to believe in a power greater than ourselves?  Moviegoers tend to use the big screen as a way to escape the difficult realities of life.  Since we all have a spiritual void that needs filling the Force seems to fit snuggly into that empty space. In the Star Wars movies, two factions, the Empire and the Dark Side of the Empire represent the Force. It’s the longstanding conflict of good against evil played out on the big screen. Moviegoers generally pull for the Empire. It feels good to be on the winning side. Even though the battles are costly, the good side will always be victorious over the Dark Side. After all, the good side of the Force is behind the Empire.

 George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, was asked if the Force represented God in some way? According to Lucas, God means different things to different people. His answer in effect was yes; God is who you want him to be. The answer is careless because the God of the Bible is the Creator and Governor of the universe. There are no multiple choices to select from. The only decision is to accept or reject the one true God. This conviction creates an interesting parallel to the Star wars theme. The Dark Side is against the Empire in the classic make-believe of the galactic rebellion. We in the audience can safely watch with confidence because it’s only pretend with no real consequence. But is it?

Do you realize there is a real galactic rebellion going on this very minute? It’s happening in the 5th dimension resulting in collateral damage to the 3rd-dimensional world we live in. This is a real star wars battle raging in the Heavenly’s just beyond our sixth sense. The consequences are critical! The Prince of Darkness orchestrates the rebellion in a feeble attempt to dethrone the Creator God. The future of earth lay in the balance. The battle can be clearly seen in the angelic encounter the prophet Daniel had with the angel Gabriel. God dispatched Gabriel to answer a question Daniel had petitioned for through prayer. The prince of Persia, a powerful archangel from the Dark Side detained Gabriel for 21 days until the mighty ark- angel Michael and his forces came to the rescue.  I came to you because you have been praying. 13 But the prince of Persia has been fighting against me for 21 days. Then Michael, one of the most important princes, came to help me because I was stuck there with the king of Persia. (Daniel 10:12,13) The prayer was answered, but it took 21 days to fight through the enemy’s blockade before Daniel had his answer. Star Wars the movie is a poor model of the real conflict taking place in the unseen world of the 5th dimension. You can read about your role in this battle in my new ebook “Beam me up Commander.”  it's free.