The Real Church

Most people visualize the church as a large cathedral type structure with stained glass windows, denominational titles and elegant preachers. Millions of dollars are spent every year to upgrade the grounds, add additional sound equipment, pave parking lots and in general make our brick and mortar building the finest in the area. A well-intended but feeble effort to duplicate the true church. All of the above mentioned have little to do with the mission of the church. The true church is part of an elite military force designed to battle lies and injustice with truth. Jesus is the commander of this spiritual army. “Upon this rock, I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew16:18) Just as there is an army of God that defends truth and justice, there exist a spiritual band of insurgents that spreads lies and deceit while cowering in dominions of darkness. These rebels are not a part of the human race. They are fallen races from another dimension that perpetuate lies while denying the truth.

You may say I don’t believe in spiritual dominions that oppose universal truth and justice. You say it’s just make believe, or babble? If so, then you are one of many that are being deceived by this well-organized band of outlaws. If you refuse to accept their existence you could be aiding and abetting their cause without knowing it. The world is a very dangerous place. When we justify wrongdoing, we are willfully aiding the enemy of our soul. It is this opposition to the truth that we do battle with on a daily basis. A ruler with nothing to lose heads this unseen force. His misguided plan is to build a kingdom for himself using lies as a source of recruitment. His government is founded on every lie that opposes the Word of God. “There is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”(John 8:44) He has already been defeated because truth overcomes the darkness, but if you are unaware of his tactics, it can be extremely dangerous.  

There is a world unseen that moves effortlessly within dimensions not familiar to men. Life was much different in the beginning when the earth was a place of innocence, and off limits to evil influences. God walked about with men in perfect harmony protecting them from the evil. Then one day men decided they didn’t need God to protect them anymore and the two worlds merged. It is in this unseen realm that the battle rages today. If you are part of the true church of Jesus Christ, you have power and authority to overcome these dark influences. The real church is not a denomination; it is a powerful army of believers that have taken God at his word.

 Jesus, the commander of the army of God,  had a confrontation early in his life when he went into the wilderness to fast forty days and then face the forces of Hell. It should be remembered that Jesus emptied himself of all original supernatural supremacy when he became a human being. He was born with the same vulnerabilities as any newborn. This means that any member of the true church has the same power and authority available to them that Jesus had when dealing with evil, including, full dependence on the Holy Spirit. The third person of the trinity was Jesus constant companion. On three separate battlefields, Jesus defeated Hell by quoting scripture. “Jesus answered him, saying it is written:” (Luke 4)

Jesus was physically weak and hungry after spending forty days without food. Enter the prince of darkness to test his resolve. The attacks will come when you are at your very weakest. You cannot argue or debate, there is no compromising, you must take the offensive. You will soon learn there are no physical weapons that can defeat spiritual aggression. You must use the word of God! The prince of hell will not give up. He is relentless in his effort to succeed as long as you permit it.  Will you be part of the real church, the defender of truth and justice? Read “Beam me up Commander” it's free.