The Truth About Gun Violence


People have been killing each other since Cain killed his brother Able. It was the first recorded murder in history. Since that time to now, violence has been a way of life for Adam's race. From Pharaoh to Hitler, wholesale slaughter with no remorse has been a common practice. The one distinguishing difference between killings over time has been the method. Whereas Cain used a rock, the modern day killer uses an automatic rifle that fires ten rounds a second. 

The development of mass-destructive weapons has enabled individuals, organizations and governments to kill indiscriminately. Hitler killed millions in his gas chambers. At the same time, the United States killed 200,000 Japanese in a split second using atomic bombs. In the United States alone 17,000 homicides are committed annually, that’s more random killing in one year than all the US wars since Vietnam.

People killing innocent people is nothing new and will continue to increase in coming months and years. Mass murder over the last decade is a horrifying reminder of the depraved nature of modern man. While governments worldwide search for answers to solve the escalating global violence the killing continues. Is it guns that cause the violent behavior or is it mental illness? Is it a corrupt ideology that causes a thug to walk into the corner store and shoot the helpless clerk dead for a few dollars? Adam Lanza, the crazed killer of 28 first graders in Newtown Connecticut, had nothing to do with ideologies. There is no earthly answer that solves the evil nature of fallen man. We are under attack from the hidden world of the Prince of Darkness. It is his last ditch effort to destroy what God has created.  Listen to the chilling warning Jesus gives about this deadly intruder, 'He comes to steal, kill and destroy! '(John 10:10)

You may be thinking no such world exists, the Bible is just a book of fables. If this is your position, you would be wise to make an attitude adjustment. The unseen legions of a parallel world are arming for the final war against the forces of God. Hell will lose the battle but not before it inflicts unprecedented carnage on humanity. You must arm yourself with spiritual weapons to defeat spiritual aggression. The Bible has much to say about Latter-day violence. Join the army of God and learn how to defeat the enemy of your soul. You can read my free ebook “Beam me up Commander,”  for a picture of the future.