Adam and Eve

The Bible story of Adam and Eve is considered a myth by most people including many Christians, but unless you are an advocate of godless evolution you have no other choices to explain the human experience. Adam and Eve represent the starting place for human life. It is the chicken or egg dilemma, which came first? Adam and Eve were created, not born. Therefore the first human being was Cain, their offspring. Before Adam, God created all the Angels of Heaven. All fashioned as an innumerable body of individuals, each with the capacity to make personal decisions. Adam and Eve, like Angels, were created far superior to men and women of today. "You have made him a little lower than the angels;You have crowned him with glory and honor  and set him over the works of Your hands.”(Heb.2:7) Adam was given full gubernatorial responsibility for all of the earth’s inhabitants.

Adam and Eve were the standard-bearers for the human race. God gave them guidelines on how to live forever, in a perfect material environment. God blessed them and said to them, “Have many children. Fill the earth and take control of it.” (Gen.1:28)  Adam and Eve were endowed with free moral agency (the capacity to make personal decisions). If this were not true, then God would be a tyrant rather than the loving Father of creation. As a test of Adam's integrity, God asked them not to eat the only toxic food in the Garden, for if they did, it would destroy them and their perfect environment. Today’s contaminated world is the result of Adam and Eve’s disbelief in God's solemn Word.

This bit of bad news did not take God by surprise He had a failsafe plan already in the works before Adam made his fatal decision to disobey. God, himself, would take Adam's place and pay the penalty for Adam's transgression.  Death comes to people because of what one man did. But now there is resurrection from death because of another man. I mean that in Adam all of us die. And in the same way, in Christ, all of us will be made alive again. (1 Co.15:21,22) Most will follow Adam into a world separated from God by darkness. Some, will accept the free gift of life in the Kingdom of God and resume their gubernatorial responsibility. Which will you choose? To learn more about your position in Gods eternal government read “Beam me up Commander” it's free!