World Conditions

If you are forty or older you will probably be very concerned about the world in general. If you are below forty you might be so caught up in the technology that you can’t see the trouble for the dazzle. In either case, what is happening worldwide is a reality, in fact, it’s the largest reality show on television.

There are conflicts on every continent, from drug wars to military campaigns. There are enough weapons of mass destruction stockpiled to destroy humanity 10 times over. With all the latest gains in 21st-century technologies and scientific breakthroughs, poverty still dominates one-third of the world’s population. Crime is tolerated even though it grows increasingly violent and never-mind the shocking decline of moral integrity. The list goes on and on with no resolution.

So what is the driving force behind these problems? Is it the conditions that alter the nature of men or is it the nature of men that cause the conditions? The answer is simple! The lack of principled character is the breakdown of the human condition. Is there a solution to this downward trend? Can science solve the problem? Can technology lift us from the brink of destruction? Is it Government to the rescue or better education? Unfortunately, none of these options address the fallen nature of men.

There is only one source that speaks directly to the depraved state of civilization. The Bible has the answer. We are helpless to change our own condition because we are all infected and don’t realize it. If you think this is nonsense then you will likely live the rest of your life in a state of confusion because nothing will change as long as you live. Despite your very best effort you will find that life is just not fair. Despair will be your companion and follow you in your daily pursuit of happiness. There is, of course, an antidote that will brighten your day and comfort you through all the difficult times. Come back next week and find out what you can do to overcome the hopelessness. Meanwhile, read “Beam me up Commander” it’s free. It will change your life.