The Truth About the Easter Bunny

The Truth About the Easter Bunny

One church banner read, Giant Easter Egg Hunt, the image was a large Easter bunny sitting next to a stack of colored eggs. Another church sign read, Happy Easter with a similar picture. It is amazing to me the number of Christian churches that promote Easter using the Easter bunny as their flagship. This absurdity is not limited to a single denomination. Celebrating the bunny is universal and can be found on the manicured lawns of Catholic cathedrals to the smaller grounds of demonstrative Pentecostals and everything in-between.

I get the idea behind the sacrilege. Draw a crowd by appealing to their secular nature. Once you get them in church to hunt Easter eggs you can show them all the other neat social things available to their family. It’s a failed plan! Over the last few decades the Christian church has suffered a serious decline in attendance. In-part, a result of trying to be all-things to all-people. Christian Rock for the teenagers, potluck dinners for dad, social teas for mom and Easter egg hunts for the toddlers.

It doesn’t work! It’s not the Bible model for church. The church is where spiritual resources undertake earthly matters. A place where people are loved for who they are, not coddled or manipulated. The love of God reigns supreme above all earthly concerns. That same kind of love is shared by true believers.  Most importantly the word of God is taught and preached unashamed, without compromise.

Not many of these kinds of churches remain. It’s no surprise! The Bible predicts the rapid decline of the modern church in the last days. It comes at a time when people feel secure in the social enclaves they call church. There is no need for spiritual intervention in this church nothing is expected of you, attendance is the goal. Earthly matters are addressed with earthly resources. God is stripped of His personality and power! He is simply a cosmic force with no personal concern for people.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s the best news anyone can get. His resurrection is a sure sign ours will follow, proof positive of eternal life. It is God’s compassionate gift to all who regard Him as Lord. There’s no mention of the Easter bunny to be found anywhere in the scriptures. To better understand what Easter really means read “Beam me up Commander” it’s free!